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User Agreement
User Agreement

By establishing a membership with I agree to the following stipulations.

1.) I accept all responsibility for what I post online. This includes accusations of copyright infringement and plagiarism.

2.) I will not put forth the work of others as my own.

3.) I understand that the copyright to my work will remain in my possession and that my work may not be reprinted by or anyone else in any manner without my express permission. I also understand that this does not apply just to my work but to everything I find on, including images and comments.

4.) I respect's right to remove from its databases anything it finds unsuitable or disagreeable - at any time and without warning. may terminate my membership at any time and without explanation.

5.) I understand that is a serious forum for creative writers. I promise to act in an intelligent and respectable manner while online. I will refrain from slinging insults, ranting madly, or trying to spark flame wars.

6.) I will not, under any circumstance, use the facilities to circulate volatile material (viruses, trojan horses, porn, spam, hate, propaganda, etc...) and understand that my account will be quickly terminated in the case of such an event.

7.) If I do not visit the site at least once every six months. may trim my account from its databases for being inactive.

8.) I will not hold accountable for any actions or transactions which result from connections made through this site.

9.) I am at least 14 years old.

10.) I will always keep backup copies of my work.

This is the user agreement which everyone agreed to when joining the site. If you are a member you must abide by it.