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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get hit with the same questions over and over and over again. Before writing us, look through the following questions that have been asked in the past. Float your mouse over one and an answer should appear.

The ability to do this is very important seeing as nearly all help on the site has been hidden away is such float-over tips. If nothing is coming up then you could be hitting our number one problem - a bad browser - DigitalVerse was designed for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It should work with other browsers but there is no guarantee that it can.

Another common problem is javascript blocking. DigitalVerse makes extensive use of javascript so yes you will need to stop blocking this site. Likewise, we do not track people's movement online, but we do need to place a few cookies on your browser to keep you signed in. Without it you simply won't be able to sign in.

And now on with the FAQ....

I've lost my password. Can you reset it for me?
I know my user id, but I can't remember what email address I was using. Can you find it for me?
I can't remember anything!!! My email, my password, my old user id - nothing - but I'm pretty sure I once had an account here. Help!
Can you delete my account for me?
How will you protect my work from being stolen?
Will you ever allow us to do creative formatting, use fancy fonts, or include images with what we write?
Can I get a Kudo?
I am offended by something I have found on your site. Will you please remove it?
One of your members is being a troll. Can you make them stop?
I am a website designer who is impressed by your site and would like to help you redesign it. Any interest?
I know a multitude of somewhat nefarious ways to increase your website's search rank. Will you paint my palm with cash to share these mystical secrets?
Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do for such a situation. Your best bet is to go to the People search and try to find yourself.

If you can find yourself then contact us. Put the href line in the message and we will check it out. We will try to make contact with the account holder and through that email address eventually reset your password and get you back into your account.

If you cannot find yourself then there is a very good chance you deleted your account when you last left us. Still. Contact us. We do keep records of retired names and email addresses which people once used. This info is not open to the public but we may check it if you ask nicely enough.
Thankfully, this is not a frequently asked question, but we have gotten it two or three times over the course of DigitalVerse's existence. The answer is - no - we cannot, because it would be far too easy for the site administrator to become a blunt instrument for people to beat each other over the head with.

If you are being bullied or suspect someone of bullying others - block that troll - use the watchlist's block function. We do routinely look at the members list through the light of this and if we detect someone making an ass of themselves we will investigate.
No. There are just somethings you have to do for yourself. You need to sign in and go to the delete membership link under your name in the main menu.

Unlike certain other sites, we are not in the information trafficking business. When you delete your account you delete everything. The only traces left behind are a name and the email address you were using which we store for the sole purpose of not letting them be used again - something that often leads to unwanted website chicanery.
It is possible, and we do allow for the posting of image art - which keeps us from seeming like a big wall of text - but ultimately DigitalVerse is for creative writing purists, meaning it is all about the power of words and words alone, not the choice of font you wrap it up in.

Which is not to demean fontography. Some very beautiful things can be done with fonts, but we like to believe that some very beautiful things can be done using nothing more than words alone.
User ids were retired with the fifth edition of the website. However, for the time being your old user id will still work with the Sign In page. Simply write it into the box asking for your email address.
Kudos are what we call the small image links that appear just to the right of the site. They are free. All we ask is that your website have something to do with Creative Writing, not be blatantly commercial (ie:, have some kind of graphical element we can turn into a kudo, and have a place where you can link back to us.
Actually, you can reset it yourself.

Go to the Sign In page (click where it says Sign In in the menu above), then look to were it says "Sign In Help" to the right of the Sign In button.

Click this and the site will ask you for your email address. If it can find it in our records it will reset your password and send the new one to that address.

Yes, this is why we make such a big fuss out of using an accessible email account.
Once again, this is thankfully not a frequently asked question, but it is a concern.

No, we will not remove something that offends you, but if you give it a negative pick and enough other people give it a negative pick then we will investigate and deal with it accordingly.

If the work is yours and has been posted by somebody without your permission - contact us - provide links to something which proves that the work is yours and we will handle the matter as best we can.
That is very hard to do. Anyone who can see your work can copy it and do with it what they wish. However, we do provide a system for controlling who gets to see what it is you have written, ranging from everyone to just site members to just the people you follow to no one but you.

Still, there is no perfect protection that we can offer. If you have written something and are shopping it around, seeking publication, then we recommend not releasing it here. Bring it here after it has been published and has run its course. It will always be seen as new to somebody, and DV is just another place where someone can see it.
Thanks for asking, but right now we are not hiring anyone.
Only if you accept large denominations of Monopoly money.
Anything you want to talk about - mention it here - and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
What we can call you.
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What you have to say.

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