DigitalVerse is Ending 10/11/18.
Using the Site is a very simple site. In a nutshell, you join up, log in, post things you have written, read what other people have written, hopefully enjoy it and leave some friendly constructive feedback.

The bar of links at the top of the page is the site menu. It contains a number of drop down menus which will guide you around the site. If you are not signed in it will only show those parts of the site which are available to the outside world.

On nearly every page you will also find hints hidden behind colored titles such as the one to the left which says Using the Site. Run you mouse over it and a small hint window should appear to tell you whatever it needs to tell your. Take your mouse off it and the hint will disappear.

If you want to keep the hint open, click on the title. This will cause it to freeze in place on the screen. Click the title again or the hint itself and the hint will disappear.

Because sometimes images do work better than words, below are a number of video tutorials which explain the main features of the site. Give them a look and understand that this is why the webmaster is a writer and not a youtube star.

Yes, just like that.