Speaking to the fog, I light the candle,
the last possession death afforded me
before walking away from the mist.
It was January, so that afternoon
was brisk in the cloud's blockade.


Talking to Fog
Patrick Attaway

Far beyond the galaxies unknown,
You are the moon that rises and shines.
I, being a constellation,
Humbly surround you.
I radiate upon your radiation,


Allure of the Cosmos

Oh, mind,

You are the veritable bow

That uses devotion as main string,


Acall to the mind
raghunathan t.k.

Sadness and happiness
Thatís all I can differentiate
Into my moods
In one I get deranged
To the edge of things


Night Under Insomnia
Vineet Sharma

I keep the things you gave me
in a drawer but rarely reflect
on their presence in the two
weeks I had you or the next
two weeks when you pulled away.


The Shrew in a Drawer
Patrick Attaway

I found a battered old book
In the shelves of a store
It was for rent
Moreover, a book I was looking for
A bestseller many years before


An Old Book
Vineet Sharma

I face you from an ocean's distance
as you looked at him before the jump,
glass breaking around you,
and a coma to keep me asking
if I would read your lines again.


Mary Reborn
Patrick Attaway

Assemblies of God
runs a cafe
just across the street.

Bored, I wait in front


Out Of Place
Catherine Cronin

I was looking for vestiges
that would've reflected in
their edges the limitations
we suffer from so that I could
stop myself from letting one


Upasana Bhattacharjee