When I look at the two AM
clock, prayed every night
to find I'm still here,
I wonder how much further
I should stay up


After the Horns
Patrick Attaway

In you, I see beauty
too perpetual to die.
Sleep a few more nights,
look in the fog another time,
and realize your chemical torment


Better Than Being Numb
Patrick Attaway

everyone amused at my expense
they read my words about darkness
looking through bars like a zoo
prisoner in my life
they read on


No One's Muse
Patrick Attaway

Alienatio de-evolvation
stagnation masturbation
wanting needing

inclinations to deviations


Far From You
Paul Michelle

I've vandalized the monument,
I've desecrated memory.

The past,
dripping into dissolving streets of heat,


I've Vandalized the Monument
J.G. Smith

I bought a new Olum's dresser,
pretty with carvings, made abroad.
Originally seven hundred, got it for
scratch & dent three fifty total.
During delivery, a claw-foot fell off.


Too Well-Made Frustration Poem
Catherine Cronin

A question of zoo

I moved from cage to cage,
In that vast grounds of famous Zoo,
Looking at the inmates slouching behind the bars,


a question of Zoo
raghunathan t.k.

Does it cover the dirt?
That first snow, yeah.
So ceremony
come to me,
assume your place in the sun.


First Snow Ceremony
Catherine Cronin

Twenty eight degrees
the mist converging into darkness
overhead, Clapton on the radio,
my girl on the passenger side
looking ahead, not seeing


November 2013
Patrick Attaway