Some memories torture us evermore
Through a note which haunts,
And a picture which quivers our soul and renders us to naught.

And as if from a forgotten dream


The Artist
Rii Abela

Little pieces of
light fold in creases, into
tinier alleys.

Varied hands pressing,


Roxanne Smith


The waves of the blue oceans,
Keep leaping up and up in a frenzy
Reaching for the skies ,


raghunathan t.k.

The day here came as a couple
Married to both sun and rain
And were the clouds to close like curtains
After the sun's morning parade
I rode like wild fire down hills of fennel green


Woody Holmes

Our past, equipped with its tools,
Comes back to us.
The bitter-sweet moments
Of joy and laughter,
Hurried feet thump,


Hurried Recollection

She asked me if I could rhyme,
as if I wrote something more
accessible, I could make a dime.
Already, I shake my head,
because the poetry audience


Rhyming For Lindsay
Patrick Attaway

Roll on my song
though i sing you no more
In the heavenly house of the lord
On the cobbled street by the city walls
By the half open juke joint door


Roll on my song
Woody Holmes

as i wander the weathered forest
the endless trees
of what seems like eternity

i am bare


Pleasant Memories
Paul Michelle

I wanted to eat you like a peach
Feel you dripping down my chin
All the blood you have within
I wanted in mine
Swimming like sea horses


Without Love
Woody Holmes